Class to Stage! Short Session

Introducing our new, Class to Stage program!
This abbreviated session of dance caters toward new dancers. Class will provide an introduction to tap and ballet, as well as stage performance. Students in this program will participate in one of our recital shows on June 5th or 6th, 2021. Classes run on Fridays from March 19 through June 19.

Fridays 11:30am-12:15pm Ages 3-5 Ballet/Tap *Dancers will perform a ballet recital routine.

Fridays 6:15pm-7:00pm Ages 5-7 Ballet/Tap *Dancers will perform a tap recital routine.

Session Fees: $220 per dancer (covers tuition for all dance classes, and a staged dress rehearsal.) Other fees to plan for: Recital costume (Typically $60-$75) and recital tickets for audience members.

Female Dress Code: Tan or pink tights, black or pink leotard (dance skirt optional), hair secured away from the face, pink ballet shoes, caramel U-shell tap shoes. *All available for purchase at MHDC or any dance store.

Male Dress Code: Black athletic shorts or pants, white or black fitted shirt. Black ballet shoes, black lace-up tap shoes.

Take class in-studio or online! Although in-studio participation is recommended, students who need to stay home for any reason may attend classes virtually. Please be sure to specify with our office staff which class participation type your student plans on. 

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