Broadway Babies

Broadway Babies – Ages 5-7
Our new and thriving Broadway program has proven to be a big hit amongst this age group! This class combines dancing, acting, and singing all at an age-appropriate pace. This class runs in short, 12-16 week sessions. Each session includes an onstage medley performance featuring all Broadway class age levels. (This class does not participate in our spring dance recital – but has shows of their own!)

Dress Code:
Comfortable clothing (no jeans), caramel jazz shoes OR bare feet, hair secured off the face.

Session Info:
Click HERE for our upcoming session info

Tuition & Fees:
All fees for this class are included in their session rate. The fee includes classes, printed show script, access to show music and rehearsal videos, simple costume/uniform, head shots, and video download of the show.

Audience members for session performances need tickets. We keep these rates at about $10 per ticket.

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