All Things Broadway!

Future season info to be added here soon! 

Broadway students and parents! We’re excited to be able to archive all important info, and rehearsal materials to enrich in class work with additional at-home materials for practice. Please access our Spring, 2024 show resource folder below!

*For reference only, until future materials are available.

Spring 2024: Tangled Rehearsal Materials  contains: Rehearsal music, videos, and PDF script.

Broadway Video Archive:
Spring, 2024 Tangled Review Video Access  No password
Fall, 2023 Annie Review Video Access  Password: MHDCannie
Spring, 2023 Seussical Review Video Access  Password: MHDCseuss
Fall, 2022 Frozen Review Video Access  Password: MHDCfrozen
Spring, 2022 Moana Review Video Access  Password: MHDCmoana
Fall, 2021 Aladdin Review Video Access Password: MHDCaladdin
Spring, 2021 Beauty & the Beast Review Video Access Password: MHDCbroadway
Fall, 2020 Matilda Review Video Access Password: MHDCmatilda2020
Spring, 2020 Little Mermaid Video Access