Hip Hop

Melissa Hoffman Dance Center’s hip hop program is multi-leveled with evolving dynamics, direction, and style! Hip Hop is a popular genre offering here and always fills the quickest!

The following levels are offered at MHDC:

  • Hippety Hop (4 – 5) –  an age appropriate introduction to hip hop
  • Hip Hop I (5-7)
  • Hip Hop II (7-9)
  • Hip Hop III (10-12)
  • Teen Hip Hop (12+)
  • Advanced Hip Hop

In the first introductory levels, the staple steps of hip hop are explored. A foundation is set and the funkier side of dance is introduced. Hip hop students are encouraged to break out of their comfort zone through a self-expressive dance circle at the end of the class. As the levels progress, different movements and styles are explored as their age and ability increases. In the higher levels, there is less focus on the staple steps and more of an exploration of various styles through a foundation of strong technique and musicality. Age appropriate music is always selected for each level, keeping each class a fun and exciting environment for all!

Dress Code:
Tshirt and shorts with a pair of sneakers dedicated to dance.  No shoes are allowed on dance floors that have been outside.  Hair should be secured off face.

Tuition Rates

Other fees:
$40 registration fee (includes HD video download link of all 3 recital shows!)
$65 recital costume deposit

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